Brow Analytics Features


Table of contents

Each lesson contains high quality video and workbook.



1: Skin. Where is microblading done.
2: How to make lines correctly.
3: Light microblading. Pressure.
4: Internal reasons pigment fades off.
5: External reasons pigment fades off.
6: Before the procedure care.
7: After the procedure care.
8: Contradictions to microblading.
9: Retouching cycle and procedure.
10: Colour theory.
11. Hygiene.
12. Most common mistakes.
13. All about pigments.
14. Tools you need.


Practical skills

1. The six points in a brow.
2. Measuring brow location.
3. Brow outline. Achieving symmetry.
4. Beginning lines.
5. Transitions.
6. Lower lines.
7. Upper lines.
8. Filling lines.
9. Procedure phases.
10. Whole procedure.
11.Taking quality pictures.
12. Shading.



1. Getting started.
2. Identity.
3. Public image.
4. Building your brow brand.
5. Finding first customers.
6. Getting more marketing.
7. Biggest obstacles.
8. Building portfolio.
9. Financial advice.
10. Co-operation deals.




This here is the typical learning curve of the students.


First you acquire skills and knowledge by watching videos. This enables you to build on it drawing brows and getting feedback from Brow Analytics system. When you have become able to make microblading, all else depends on practice.