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Common questions

What is this really all about?

Brow Analytics is a platform. It allows you to learn the art of microblading and become an actual microblading artist. Sounds huge for just an online training? It does! However Brow Analytics is far from being just an online training...

Why is Brow Analytics different from tens of other online trainings?

First and foremost - Brow Analytics is NOT just an online training. The biggest problem with the online trainings of several corporations is simple: they do not want to give away too much because then it would be impossible to sell live trainings. You can count on us knowing the business side of that very well.

We at Brow Analytics do not have that problem. Why? Because we are not into arranging live trainings. Our goal is to push constantly as much as current and useful information, tips and tricks, trade secrets etc to our platform as possible. Why? Because then more people will join as they find the solution to be useful.

What exactly shall I get for 499€?

You shall get one year UNLIMITED use of Brow Analytics resources. This means that you will have access to ALL videos that explain the art of microblading, you will be able to see exact techniques and step-by-step guides how to measure the brow, draw the outline, make beginning lines, transitions, upper lines, lower lines, fillers, retouch etc. In addition to that you will see ACTUAL FOOTAGE FROM MICROBLADING CLASSES. This means that the experience you get will be more that one gets from an ordinary class that costs around 2000-4000€.

You shall have that access for 1 year. However, that is not all. The last (and not the least, of course), you shall have an access to the actual analytics parts of Brow Analytics. This means that once you start practicing measuring and drawing the brows you will be able to upload pictures using our simple LEVELS system. Your pictures will be analysed by actual microblading professionals and once you complete the tasks you can progress up to level 12. After that there is a possibility to carry out an actual examination and you can become a certified Microblading.ART network artist.

Why should I trust this program?

Just a couple of facts. Brow Analytics offers you the possibility to take advantage of SharpBrows Artist 3.0 program that has enabled hundreds of women to become real microblading artists. Already its predecessor Artist 2.0 program has helped to create over 1000+ actual microblading artists. In a nutshell: it is tested on actual students.

Secondly, your personal trainer Siiri Tabri knows exactly what she is talking about. She is not restricted by any contracts or any sort of corporate rules of any academy to tell you absolutely everything she knows about microblading. She has practiced microblading for over 5 years and during that time has taken every course out there. She openly discusses what she has learned at different classes and shares her practical experience. When you are planning to start a career in microblading it is vital to choose a teacher whose work you like. Siiri is able to create amazing brows and let's face it - as it is rather unlikely that you'd start making much better brows than your trainer is making, it pays off to choose the trainer wisely.

Thirdly, the structure of the program differs from all others for three reasons: a) it's not just studying on your own. Once you have gained the knowledge from the videos you can start practicing and get evaluated. b) You can actually start a career as an artist. The program includes the possibility to get certified and thus start serving clients. By now, hundreds of girls have accomplished that over the internet. c) You will make the money back in no time. The best students have been able to make ten plus folds the money they have invested into this course over the following weeks after the class. That is also the reason why it is so popular.

I don't have any products! Can I still start?

Of course. Once you join the platform you will have two choices to kick off making actual microblading: the S-kit (that contains the tools needed, blades and one pigment) for 99€ or the M-kit (that contains 4 pigments, more blades, anesthetic etc) for 249€. Basically you can complete the levels of Brow Analytic up to level 12 with the S-kit! After getting the M-kit you are covered for 50+ procedures.